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-Brian G

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-Karie R

Syrus case study

the conference rooms: The desired functionality for each space was similar, however the layout and square footage was very different, thus we had to take display size, viewing angle and viewing distance into account when designing each space. Brian wanted to be able to connect via wireless to the displays to minimize cables and to provide flexibility and ease of use. We designed the rooms using Samsung displays with 55” panels in the small conference rooms and 75” in the large conference room. The wireless interface we chose was the Crestron AirMedia (AM-100). This solution allows multiple users to connect very easily to the display their perspective room and share content.

digital signage: In the general areas of the office near the Bistro and the Sales Team, we installed digital signage players and displays to allow the Syrus team to enhance its ability communicate to its staff and clients. This also provided a great platform for building the Syrus brand identity. The primary criteria for the content execution consisted of Dwell Time, Target Insights, Viewing Angle, Viewing Distance with an additional thought to include connectivity for ad hock meetings in the Bistro via an additional Crestron Air Media (AM-100).

In closing, the solution has a good flow, is very predictable and ultimately reliable. This increases the likelihood that Syrus employees will engage and adopt the technology, which should grealty improve the quality of presentations and encourage collaboration. This undoubtedly boosts Syrus’s ability to attract and retain talent.